About Us

Belle Molds was started with our founders' beloved character from Beauty and the Beast in mind. Belle's love for baking and our skill for creating baking molds made us create everyday baking casts. Every shape comes pre-packaged with intricate details, a lot of thought put into the design and baking process and a spoonful of love.

While Belle Molds can be used to make your perfect dessert, it will not be hard to remove, will be easy to clean and very convenient to store away. Our molds come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes making it easy for you to just search for what exactly you want. Whether it is your child's birthday or Valentine's Day celebration or just a get-together at home, you can find the perfect mold for every occasion. 

Our team at Belle Molds consists of parents and grandparents who only want the best for their children and our customers. Putting health and safety in mind, Belle Molds are made with the Eco-Friendly Certification with non-toxic materials and can stand heat up to 446F. We undergo rigorous testing processes before the molds show up at your door. The shapes are also easy to use and can be a great play-time activity with your little ones. So, go ahead. Get yourself a Belle Mold and start baking. After all, you deserve much more than this provincial life!

We're always looking to improve Belle Molds. Feel free to email us at info@bellemolds.com for all your baking questions and order related queries.